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Tony Ozanne is a successful Business Coach who has been operating his own business for the last 4 years. Prior to this he only had one job, and that was with the same company for over 23 years working with the worlds largest restaurant group – Yum! Restaurants International (owners of KFC, Pizza Hut and Taco Bell globally). His roles within this business started as a casual cook and customer service worker as a young student when only 15, and progressed through various areas such as store management, area management, event management, compliance and process evaluations, property and development, marketing and strategy up to regional operations overseeing 12 countries and sales over $M500 annually based in the Middle East.

Tony is a qualified Primary School Teacher and completed his Master of Business in 2010 with Distinctions. He was enrolled in a full (real) MBA but withdrew at the last year due to a re-evaluation of the potential value and return on investment of the many thousands of dollars spent. Whilst the Masters gave solid insights, it was more of a re-enforcement of theories, and this was part  of the development of the Small Business M.B.A program, as it is a real life hands on program focusing on real actions vs theoretical concepts and a focus on how you write, quote, and submit assignments.

These experiences and business lessons taught Tony one thing – business is tough, but it works with process and systems, something a solid franchise system does so well. It was from these leanings that he left the corporate world and progressed onto his own business with the intent to help small businesses (not the globals) to review and implement systems and process for themselves.

Business owners are looking for direction, support, and advice on how to compete with the global players and that is Tony’s mission in his own business.

The Small Business M.B.A has been designed as a cost effective resource to guide business owners to establish and implement the plans and processes into their own business in a real life learning experience.

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