Small Business M.B.A

Overview – Business Program


What does the Small Business M.B.A cover?

This 7 week business program will allow you to develop the necessary actions, plans and processes to get your business on track or take it to the next level if you already have some of the basics in place.

You will cover a complete business process: from Planning through to Execution over a series of 7 comprehensive webinars. Each week will not only teach you theory, but develop practical and hands on skills complete with set activities to be completed and sent to me for feedback prior to the next lesson. these activities WILL be for YOUR BUSINESS and will either start, or add to your business systems and processes. In addition to this, you will have access to your own Business Coach throughout the program to help you when you are stuck, frustrated, annoyed or simply want some guidance, in addition to the activity feedback.

All participants in this business program will have an individual one-on-one discovery session with me to help me gain an insight as to where you and your business is at to allow for the most value to be added to you, and then an additional session at the end of the  MBA business program to work on your ongoing actions and plans for your business.

This business program provides a fully structured approach to your business starting with establishing and defining your goals all the way to execution of the key elements.


Making Business Awesome Business Program Weekly Topics:


You will start by building on what you have shared from your discovery session (pre-webinar) with me. It is critical to have a goal and a plan before starting anything else, so this week will show you how to develop and build one using the one page plan format.

This week will set the foundation for your M.B.A business program covering:


No business works without great people, and to have great people you need great people systems, so this week focuses on just that – building your team.

You will learn how to develop a People Process, establish and write job descriptions, understand how to develop a people management and performance system complete with staff appraisal processes. Everything you need to build a great team. The reality of business is build your people capability first, then sales and profit will follow.


We all wish we had the perfect clients all of the time, and often compromise on who we work with! The key is to attract better clients that you want to work with, so I will show you how.

You will learn what marketing actually is, how to identify your target market, how to focus on benefits vs features and how social media can help you in the client attraction process.


At the end of the day business is all about sales! Clearly we all want to close more sales and keep the cash coming in, but it isn’t always that simple, especially if you don’t plan for it!

In this webinar you will learn how to create a sales process for your business, how to fill your sales funnel, how to track sales and conversions and to plan better for sales instead of hoping they just come.


To build on week 4, we now focus on getting a bigger bang for your buck, or getting better margins from the sales efforts.

This webinar will teach you about pricing, how to price your product or service, review common pricing mistakes businesses make and how to respond to competition effectively.


I love systems and processes, it’s why I do what I do, like you I get frustrated as I see too many businesses operating without ANY systems!

I will show you why you should have systems within your business, teach you where to start and why and provide some great tools and resources for systemising your business. This week will focus on the key financial systems you MUST HAVE for your business, plus some other great tools.


The final week brings it all together for you and sets you off on your merry way. Well, not really, as this week shouldn’t be the start point as you will already be well on your way via the set coursework and homework for your own business during the last 6 weeks.

I will share with you what to do now that you have these learnings and started the process, discuss the need for outsourcing aspects of your business and provide solutions should you need further help. You have already created the behaviour and habit of working on your business each week, so it is critical that you continue this practice moving forward.

What Else Is Included?

Many online business resources and programs these days are full of exaggerated high price and high value ‘add ons’ which claim to be worth thousands of $$ to the buyer.

You won’t be seeing this here as the Small Business M.B.A business program and the inclusions represent high value without the need to over inflate it or make it worth an unrealistic ‘normal’ value.  It will deliver high value content, outcomes and equip you with the tools to make your business awesome.

Included in this Small Business M.B.A business program is:

  • A pre-M.B.A one-on-one “Discovery Session” to help me understand who you are and where you are at with your business (Delivered via phone, Skype, Google Hangout etc).
  • The full 7 week live webinar program to make your business awesome- along with access to all recordings in case you miss one.
  • Weekly tasks to complete on your own business with all tools needed to complete provided and to keep for future use. I will share my templates I use with clients in the topic areas with you.
  • Access to a group of  your business peers throughout the course to share ideas, leanings and ask questions throughout the program.
  • Weekly feedback from your own Business Coach (Tony) on your progress and homework tasks.
  • Access to ask questions to your lecturer throughout the business program.
  • A 1 hour post M.B.A one-on-one session to discuss your specific outcomes and next steps to ensure you hit the ground running and get the best chance for change and success in your business.

What Does It Cost?

This Small Business M.B.A is designed to be affordable for all business owners to help deliver not only great content, but to achieve results. It isn’t coaching, it is teaching and working with you to develop the outcomes for your business in an online learning environment.

The Small Business M.B.A requires a one time one investment of only $697

Enrolments ARE OPEN

That’s it. No ongoing monthly fees or any other hidden extras.

This price of only $697  includes all the webinars, resources, access to recordings in case you miss one, 2 one-on-one sessions, access to me and accountability tasks each week.

When Does It Start?

The next intake will start in Dec 2015

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