Small Business M.B.A

In House M.B.A

For larger business, or for any business owner who may prefer to have this program delivered in person to you and your team, this can now be done for you.

We all learn differently, and sometimes the Webinar based learning may not give you the degree of interaction your style desires, therefore a workshop style approach can be catered to suit your needs.

Knowledge is power and use up skilling to increase your competitive advantage over others and show your true leadership.

The content will be the same as the Web based M.B.A except you and your team can experience learning and activities in your own location in a fully interactive environment. You may also be able to leverage the expense by combining with other like minded businesses to run joint sessions and share the cost.

You will still cover the basics of the Small Business MBA program including:

  • Developing your business goal
  • Building a One Page Plan
  • Establishing your Sales process
  • Know your Target market
  • Establish people processes
  • Know your price
  • Understanding your marketing basics…..and more

In house M.B.A programs CAN be customised and developed according to your needs.

For details and availability of this option, please email to arrange a program for your business.